Handytank Water Storage Solutions

Water is a precious resource which in many parts of the world is in very short supply. With the ever increasing reliance on an ever diminishing resource, many households are seeking a simple and cost effective way of collecting and storing water, that otherwise would simply be lost. The new Handy Tank is that solution.

The DIY Handy Tank is a high capacity storage water tank developed with the urban environment in mind. The Handy Tank affordable water tank system comes in a flat-pack box and can be easily transported, and it takes no more than 20 minutes to assemble.

For households looking for a cost effective solution to how to store water, the DIY Handy Tank is the obvious choice. It is quick and easy to install and, due to its compact dimensions, requires little space. The harvested water is ideal for watering gardens and lawns or for washing cars and boats and is good for the environment too!

Handy Tank has three sizes of water tanks for sale at prices that will impress. You can buy our durable water tanks online and we’ll deliver direct to your door. With good quality products and a low cost, we’re the best water tank suppliers.